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How do I do anything with a newborn?

How can you get anything done with a newborn! If your baby is anything like mine, the minute you put them down to sleep they seem to wake up. My little one didn’t really sleep well unless he was in my arms or my husbands arms for the first 3 months. That made getting anything done during the day an absolute nightmare!

I was so lucky that my husband had a good amount of paternity leave. It was invaluable time that we all spent together getting to know each other. He was the best support I could have had in those first few weeks of minding our little bundle of joy. Whenever I needed a cup of tea, it was beside me before I knew it. And whenever I needed to get up to do something, I could pass the baby over to the hubby to mind. So as you can imagine, the closer it got to the end of his leave, the more I started to worry about doing everything alone!

Having met some baby wearing advocates, I looked into the theory behind slings a bit further. There is a new school of thought known as the “fourth trimester”, which is the period right after a baby is born. They are trying to adapt to their new surroundings and their development continues. So for the first 3 months what they essentially need is to be as close to mum and dad as possible. This advocates carrying your baby as much as you can and not being pressured to put them down to sleep.

For premature babies, Kangaroo care is advocated as being a great way for your baby to thrive. It is essentially where the mum “wears” the baby as if they are in a kangaroo pouch. The closeness of the baby to their mums heart helps them regulate their own heart beat, body temperature and breathing.

The best way to give your baby the benefits of kangaroo care even in the 4th trimester and beyond is to “wear” your baby in a sling or baby carrier. With these benefits and my desire to be able to make myself a cup of tea when at home alone, I decided to invest in a stretchy wrap sling. It was one of our best buys!

I found that when my little one was hysterical for no reason, a bit of skin to skin in our sling was the best way to calm him. I also found that when we couldn’t get him to sleep that walking around the house with him in the sling would have him out like a light. He loved how cosy the sling was and how close he was to mum or dad.

Baby wearing is not just great for the baby but fab for mum too, who can have the baby close but you can still do things. I called it my hands free set! For anyone contemplating buying a sling, I would highly recommend one, they are worth every cent!