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Teething jewellery – does it help?

I was recently at the RDS pregnancy and baby fair in Dublin, which I really enjoyed I must say and would highly recommend to any mums or mums to be. At the fair I came across the MikaB teething jewellery stand. My little one started teething at about 3 months and was looking to eat everything. So I stopped for a browse to see what I could find.

MikaB have a great range of soother holders, teethers and teething jewellery in a variety of colours. At the fair I was afraid to invest too much in the products as I was not sure that my little one would actually want them and they were a bit expensive if he didn’t. So I bought the soother holder, pictured below.


Right from the start, he chomped away on the soother holder. It seemed to provide him with a lot of relief for his gums and he just loved it. Within a day, I was already on her website buying both the teether and a necklace for me to wear.

Our little one loves the products, they are made from non-toxic food grade silicone, similar to what any soother is made out of. He loves the owl teether and the soother clip, both of which he can clasp well and shove in his mouth. He has not found the necklace himself when I wear it, but if I put it up to his mouth he chomps away on it. But I think in time he will be pulling away and chomping on the necklace unaided. The necklace has an easy release clasp so if he does pull at it, instead of pulling my neck off, the clasp will open, a feature I really like.

When wearing the necklace I did notice that a lot of lint gets stuck to it during the day, but I think that is inevitable when something is rubbing against your clothes. A quick nightly wash in warm soapy water will do the trick and it is as good as new for the next day.

This is the collection of teethers I have for our little one. I can’t recommend them enough, as we have gotten great use out of them. If you are interested in investing in the teethers and giving them a go, you can get them online at this link.

The MicaB teething accessories that our little one loves